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Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) provides prevention, protection and response services across the whole of Gibraltar.


The GFRS consists of a single Headquarters station situated outside the City Centre at Grand Parade adjacent to the Cable Car station and the entrance to the Botanic Gardens. Its furthest point of response is seven minutes away. We are self-sufficient having our own Mechanical Workshop, Rescue Equipment maintenance section, Breathing Apparatus and Fire Simulator.Our station comprises of three watches of twenty whole-time fire-fighters each, six in the Fire Safety Department, four in the Senior Management Team, nine Fire Controllers, three mechanics and three in the administration team.  Emergency calls are received at our Control on telephone number 999 or the GSM mobile telephone service international emergency number 112.

The GFRS keeps on evolving as Gibraltar grows. Apart from fire-fighting, we attend to a variety of different incidents such as  rope rescue, diving incidents, road traffic incidents and other special services but to name a few.  To help keep communities safe, including safety and protection advice to residents and businesses, as well as enforcing fire safety legislation and reducing fire risk in the built environment.

GFRS also works alongside theRoyal Police and theGibraltar Ambulance Service to contribute to the overall safety of the communities it serves, whilst still providing a value-for-money service to the local taxpayer.

On the 20th November 2014 the Fire Service Amendment Act was passed in the Gibraltar Parliament. The purpose of the Act was to amend the nomenclature of the Fire Service Act and thus change the name of the organisation to the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) and made the corresponding and consequential amendments throughout the Act. It also amended and updated the description of the ranks in the Service. Furthermore there were amendments to the penalties that may be imposed which were amended by including references to the standard scale of fines in place of monetary values.

The Fire Service Ordinance 1976

On the 16th June 1976 the Fire Service Ordinance, was passed in the Gibraltar House of Assembly (now Gibraltar Parliament). The Ordinance (now Act) set out the constitution, duties and powers of the Gibraltar Fire Service;

“There shall be a fire brigade, to be called the City Fire Brigade, for the purpose of protecting life and property in case of fire or other calamity and of extinguishing fires endangering life and property within Gibraltar.”


New Fire-fighters undergo two months recruitment training at the Fire Service College Moreton-in-Marsh, or at Severn Park Fire & Rescue Training Centre, Bristol, England. Operational Officer development and instructor courses and Fire Safety and Fire Investigation training are also carried out at the Fire Service College.

Training courses in specialist fields such as Ship Fire Fighting, Road Traffic Incidents, Cliff and Mountain Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, HAZMAT etc., are carried out at the Fire Service College and other accredited centres in the U.K., Divers are trained by our own BSAC instructors and ambulance First Responder training is carried out under the supervision of the Gibraltar Health Authority.

HQ & Administration

The GFRS Administration Division is composed of the Headquarters and Administration staff within the Headquarters building.It is comprised of the following personnel who provide logistic and administrative support to the Operational Department:


The Chief Fire Officer

Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Divisional Officer – Operations and Training

3 Leading Fire Control Officers, 6 F.C.O.s (FCO Page)

1 Leading Mechanic. M/T Workshop (MT Workshop Page)

2 Mechanics

3 Civilian clerical staff