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Gibraltar is surrounded by water, with approximately seven beaches. The GFRS is called upon when a rescue is needed in its British Gibraltar Territorial Waters which stretches out to 12 nautical miles. The GFRS undergoes the Sports Diver and Ocean Diver British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) course to perform rescue dives of up to 35 metres.

Diving Instructors

The GFRS has two fully qualified diving instructors who have undergone years of rigorous theoretical and practical training in Gibraltar with the Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader qualification from BSAC. All firefighters are Ocean Divers, with quite a few also having passed the Sports Diver qualification.

What type of Face Mask does the GFRS use?

The GFRS uses the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask with a removable 2nd stage for easy cleaning and storage. It is made of a one-piece, non-rigid silicone skirt combined with injection-molded, high-impact, glass-filled ABS plastic frame and regulator housing. It has a double face seal and slightly smaller oral nasal cavity to fit most faces and equalisation occurs through a nose block. Air flow is directed up over the visor to eliminate fogging and through one-way valves in the oral nasal pocket to reduce CO2 retention. It includes a communications port for easy installation of a Buddy Phone® or ear/microphone assembly to connect an OTS Diver Communications Unit such as the Aquacom® SSB-2010.

What type of Mask does the GFRS use?

The Mares X Vision Mask is a unique and revolutionary design, combined with innovative technical solutions, result in a scuba mask with comfort that goes unmatched, while increasing field of vision in all directions. It has a compact, easy to adjust buckle. Optical lenses available.


The Aquapro is a well-known comfortable and outstandingly durable jacket which is designed for divers who want a very complete yet light, hydrodynamic and affordable jacket. It is has a very simple, durable and safe integrated weight system that enables the diver to autonomously manage the weights.

It has a double metal filter for air inflow below the stem and cylindrical filter around the valve. It’s anti-sand design with minimised oral inflation nozzle, wide clearance push button and deflation button with silicone washer to prevent blockage due to sand infiltration. The inflation button is integrated into the jacket to avoid unwanted inflation when stretching the inflator hose to release air.

What type of cylinder does the GFRS use?

The GFRS uses the Faber 300 Bar 12 Litre Steel Cylinder with non-modular San-O-Sub valve and rubber boots. It is fitted with a M25 300 Bar valve for use with 30 Bar Din regulators with a M25 thread.

AP200 Buddy Command

The AP200 Buddy Commando without cylinder was originally developed to meet the punishing demands of Navy SAR divers and is still in service today. This new Commando retains the essential qualities and features on which success is based; superior build, lift and surface support and adds the new advantages offered by re::flex. The Element Comfort Fit System is shaped, fully padded and adjustable at shoulders, waist and back plate. It has 3 easy grip rapid air dump valves, reflective piping for improved visibility, Super Cam cylinder band grip, stabilising cradle back-plate to eliminate tank roll, chunky style zipped, side pockets, a foldaway SMB pouch at rear of jacket, an expandable gusset structure ensures the buoyancy cell inflates away from the body, and 8 welded stainless D rings with the 2 at the shoulders.


Technisub Stratos FP feature changeable density layering technology to distribute the power of your kick effectively and lessen the stress on your foot. The result is excellent control and additional comfort.  It is made from a combination of polymer plastic for reliability with rubber for versatility.  Prolonged side ribs transfer the power of your kick via the full length of the blade, generating maximum thrust and stability.


The Sunnto Zoop Dive Computer has five modes (air, nitrox, gauge, free and off), it is full continuous decompression algorithm – Suunto RGBM. It has a built-in dive planner and detailed graphical logs and dive data. It also has an innovative apnea timer for freediving, and a timer in air/nitrox modes.

Sunnto Sk-8 Compass

The Sunnto Sk-8 Compass is suitable for sub-zero temperatures. It has a firm-grip bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree, large side-reading window, fast stabilisation and balanced for Northern Hemisphere (NH).

C4 L2 UK Eled Primary Dive Light

The C4 L2 UK Eled Primary Dive Light weighing at 708g, has a depth rating of 150 metres and a burn time of 5 hours (high) / 19 hours (low). It has 575 lumens (high) / 200 Lumens (low).