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Training Development is of the prime importance to any organisation.

It plays an important part in assisting an organisation to achieve its objectives. In addition everyone in the organisation needs to understand the processes and techniques of training and to speak the language of training.

Image of Search and Rescue Training at Alexandra Battery, South Mole

Search and Rescue Training at Alexandra Battery, South Mole

The organisational structure of the Gibraltar Fire & Rescue Service (GFRS) closely resembles that of many Fire Services within the UK. The firefighters role is slightly different in the Gibraltar Fire Service. It is necessary to add rope rescue techniques, underwater rescue capabilities and Ambulance First Responder training for all Officers and Firefighters.

Image of Fire Service College Campus and Training facilities

Fire Service College Campus and Training facilities

The GFRS is constantly developing its training and programme aimed at the three main sections within the Department:- Senior Management, Operations and Fire Safety. A comprehensive training schedule has been prepared to meet these requirements with the participation of different officers of varying grades in courses at the Fire Service College and other training Schools such as the Outreach Specialist Rescue Training Centre for Rope and Mountain rescue training. Recruit or trainee Firefighter training has been carried out at various UK training establishments such as The Fire Service College and Severn Park Fire and Rescue training Centre, since 2001. Specialist subjects like Rope Rescue, Ship Firefighting and Fire Safety are all being undertaken in the United Kingdom.

This is due to the historical connections, identification of best practices etc., The GFRS has been quick to react to external influences. As a stand alone Service it has currently reviewed its training programme and made various changes. Because of the nature of the “Rock” and the risks associated with it, the amount of specialist training is of paramount importance.

This demonstrates the organisations committment to training and is with this view in mind that the development of the Service and its training policy be continously progressed. It is the role of the Fire Service, in an increasing sophisticated environment to prevent loss of life and property through the application of a well balanced and strategic training programme.

Image of Firefighter enters a sewer during training

Firefighter enters a sewer during training