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The GFRS has three Rope Rescue instructors who have undergone two weeks of rigorous theoretical and practical training in Outreach. They have obtained three vital qualifications –

  • Rope Rescue Operator;
  • Rope Rescue Instructor;
  • Rope Rescue Maintenance
Rope Rescue in Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s Nature Reserve is a protected area with important historical sites such as St Michael’s Cave, Great Siege tunnels, Moorish Castle, Mediterranean Steps, World War II Tunnels, Old Jewish Cemetery, Windsor Bridge and the Sky Walk. These sites attract many tourists and therefore the GFRS need to be fully trained and prepared for any rope rescue accidents.

AVAO Body Harness

The AVAO BOD fall arrest, work positioning and suspension harness is a wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops which gives excellent support. Its lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow. The shoulder straps have a system for stowing the fall arrest lanyard connectors and keeping them within reach. The DOUBLEBACK self-locking buckles at the rear of the harness, between the waist belt and the leg loops, allowing for a shorter adjustment when the dorsal attachment point is used. The harness also facilitates the carrying and organizing of work tools, with multiple equipment loops and retainers. The harness is fastened by a SCREW-LOCK manual locking karabiner. AVAO BOD features leg loops with DOUBLEBACK self-locking buckles.

Rope Rescue 1


The PODIUM provides optimal comfort during prolonged suspension. The wide sitting position offers excellent stability. Rigid sides prevent the webbing straps from cutting into the thighs. The easy-to-use seat has two equipment loops and a rear hook, making it easier to store in order to facilitate movement. It connects to the AVAO body harnesses with two shackles.

Rope Rescue 14

Vulcan Screwgate Karabiner

The GFRS uses two types of karabiners: the Vulcan screwgate Karabiner as it is a high-strength steel karabiner designed for use in difficult environments. It’s large-capacity asymmetrical shape is ideal for setting multiple anchors especially for difficult locations here in Gibraltar. It has a maximum load capacity of 48kN along its spine.

Rope Rescue 13


A maillon is a metal link, similar to a karabiner. Maillons have a threaded sleeve which tightens over a thread, as opposed to a hinged gate like a karabiner, making them stronger, and used as a three way pull.

Rope Rescue 15

ASAP Lock and absorber

The ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester is designed to facilitate handling during rope ascents. In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and follows the user in all movements. In the event of a shock load or sudden acceleration, the fall arrester locks on the rope and stops the user. The integrated locking function allows the user to immobilize the device in order to reduce the potential fall distance.

Rope Rescue 18

Petzl Grillon Work Positioning Anchor

The Petzl Grillon Lanyard is an adjustable work positioning / work restraint lanyard used to secure a technician to a anchor point or structure. It is designed to limit movement or to allow hands-free work while in a position of work.

Can be used in two ways:

Single mode:

Attached (device end) to the centre waist (ventral) attachment point of the harness (rope end to an anchor), for use as an adjustable work positioning or restraint lanyard (firefighter can be in suspension). The distance from the anchor can be adjusted by operating the handle while holding the free end of the lanyard.

Double mode:

Clipped to each side D (lateral) attachment point of the harness with the rope wrapped round a structure, designed so some of the users weight is distributed onto the harness waist belt when the firefighter has weight on their feet, with the aim of keeping the firefighter close to their position of work. The distance from the work position can be adjusted by pressing on the pivoting cam to let rope out (to move further from the work position).

Rope Rescue 17

Ascension (right and left handed)

The ergonomic handled ascender is a rope clamp for rope ascents. It features an over-molded grip and ergonomic upper part for a comfortable and powerful grip when pulling with one or two hands. The safety catch is totally integrated into the body of the ascender to help prevent snagging. The ASCENSION handled rope clamp has a wide lower hole for easily attaching two karabiners for a lanyard and footloop.

Rope Rescue 20

Rescue pulley

The very high efficient rescue pulley is designed for to handle heavy loads and intensive use by GFRS personnel. It has a maximum working load of 4kN x 2 = 8kN.

Rope Rescue 19

Petzl PAW yellow (large) and blue (medium) rigging plate

The aluminium Petzl PAW rigging plate allows the setup of a multi-anchor system. It has 19 mm holes allowing the locking sleeves of our karabiners. It has a breaking strength of 50kN.

Fall arrest and work positioning kit with VOLT harness, ABSORBICA-Y 150 MGO lanyard, and GRILLON HOOK

The Fall Arrest & Working Positioning is a ready-to-use piece of equipment designed to protect against falls and for positioning at a workstation.  It is optimized for work at height requiring connection to metal structures or large-diameter cables and bars.  It contains a VOLT fall arrest and work positioning harness, a 150 cm ABSORBICA-Y double lanyard with energy absorber and MGO large-opening connectors, a 2-meter GRILLON HOOK adjustable work positioning lanyard and two OK TRIACT-LOCK karabiners.

Rope Rescue 23


The Pixa 3 Headlamp for use in explosive environments, suitable for proximity lighting, movement and long-range vision. It has 100 lumens, is rugged and versatile. The multi-beam adapts to all situations: close-range work, movement, and long-range vision. CONSTANT LIGHTING technology means that brightness does not decrease gradually as the batteries are drained.

Rope Rescue 25

Anneau Polyster 18mm Sling

Polyester sling, with a maximum strength of 22 kN, is designed for setting up a belay or an anchor, or for extending an anchor point.

  • Yellow – 60 cm
  • Blue – 80 cm
  • Green – 120 cm
Rope Rescue 26


The set caterpillar weighs 1055 g and helps protect a moving rope from abrasion.

Rope Rescue 27


The IDs is a Self-braking descender with anti-panic function for work at height and rope access work. It is primarily designed for working at height and rope access work. The integrated anti-panic function and anti-error catch limit the risk of an accident due to firefighter error. The AUTO-LOCK system allows firefighters to easily position themselves at a workstation without having to manipulate the handle or tie off the device. Once locked, the rope can be taken up without having to manipulate the handle. The safety gate allows the rope to be installed with the device remaining connected to the harness. ID is compatible with 10 to 11.5 mm ropes and allows handling of loads up to 250 kg.

Rope Rescue 28

Beal Combi Pro 40

The Beal Combi pro 40 bag allows quick and easy access to the bag’s contents via two panels for emergencies. It has an ergonomic shoulder straps and waist belt, and has multiple internal dividers.

Beal 11mm Semi-static (Low Stretch) Industry Abseil Rope (50m, 100m and 200m)

GFRS use the Beal 11mm Industry rope is a semi-static (low stretch) abseil rope. They use white and red (normally white as working and red as safety).

Petzl Bucket Rope Bag (25 litre)

The Petzl Bucket Rope Bag makes working at heights easier with comfortable carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps. It is waterproof and has a coated fabric making it long lasting and durable in difficult environments.

Rope Rescue 2

Cordex Plus Gloves (Belay/rappel gloves)

These medium weight belay/rappel gloves offer extra protection without sacrificing dexterity. Double-layer leather and padding protect the palm from heat generated during long rappels or lowers. Fingertips and other high-wear areas are reinforced for increased durability. The back is made of leather with abrasion-resistant stretch nylon at key flex areas. The low profile neoprene cuff with Velcro closure features a reinforced karabiner hole for attaching the gloves to the harness.

Rope Rescue 3

Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet (yellow and red)

The VERTEX VENT helmet is very comfortable, thanks to its six-point textile suspension and CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems, which guarantee that the helmet fits securely on the head. The adjustable-strength chinstrap makes it ideal for both work at height and on the ground. It has ventilation holes with sliding shutters to allow airflow through the helmet. With its potential for integration of a Petzl headlamp, hearing protection, and multiple accessories.

Petzl Pitagor Nappy Rescue

The PITAGOR is an evacuation triangle with shoulder straps that are easily donned and adjusted thanks to the DOUBLEBACK self-locking buckles.

Rope Rescue 6

Abaris Rescue Cutters And Pouch

Stainless steel safety cutters with integral lanyard and quick-release pouch, designed for attachment to a belt or harness with twin elasticated straps.

Rope Rescue 7

Kootenay Pulley

KOOTENAY is a knot-passing pulley that allows passage of joining knots. The large diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings ensures excellent efficiency.  

  • Rope compatibility: 8 to 19 mm
  • Sheave diameter: 76 mm
  • Maximum working load: 5 kN x 2 = 10 kN
  • Weight: 1390 g
  • Height: 26 cm
Rope Rescue 8

Sked Basic Rescue System

The Sked is a compact and easy to use stretcher to carry out rescues in difficult environments. It is made of flexible but rigid heavy sheet of plastic. It has carry handles for lifting vertically or horizontally. It is 91 cm long, 23 cm wide and weighs 8.2 kg.

Rope Rescue 9

Spartan Basket Stretcher

The Spartan Basket Stretcher has a unique Split-Apart feature allows for a completely secure connection between the parts of the stretcher.

Rope Rescue 10

MSA Workman Tripod

The MSA Workman Tripod protects firefighters in tight places in confined entries. It provides a stable base support, it has a winch which lowers/lifts personnel and materials, and provides fall arrest protection to the entrant to safely and quickly retract a stricken person without entering the confined space.

Rope Rescue 11