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Health & Safety Management Policy


The Gibraltar Fire & Rescue Service (GFRS) HSE management systems are detailed in the GFRS HSE Manuals.

The GFRS HSE committee will be composed of:

  • The Chief Fire Officer (CFO)
  • The Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)
  • Senior Management Team (SMT)
  • The GFRS Health & Safety Coordinator (HSC)
  • Staff Representatives

The GFRS HSE Organisation Charts are detailed in the GFRS HSE Manuals.


Objectives and Targets

Safety, environmental protection and fire safety are line management responsibilities. The CFO will delegate the task of discharging his personal responsibilities and applying the policy throughout all levels of line management within the organisation. In order to meet his objectives the CFO or the DCFO will chair the GFRS HSE committee meetings, which will be held regularly and will have representation across the organisation. GFRS performance indicators will be measured, managed, monitored and reviewed through the HSE committee structure. The HSE committee will maintain close liaison with regulatory bodies and HSE initiatives will be promulgated throughout the GFRS by the same. This statement will be communicated to all Station Personnel and members of the public where required.


To discharge the CFO’s duty of care suitable HSE training will be provided in accordance with training needs analyses (TNA) and health, safety and fire legislation. Line management will monitor the effectiveness of the TNA.


Where this policy statement does not satisfy the requirements of contractors, sub-contractors, private companies etc, the extent of the HSE responsibilities toward them is as follows:-

Heads of these organisations should produce their own Policy statements and other safety documentation to ensure it mutually embraces, cooperates and coordinates with the GFRS HSE management systems. Any such organisations will be where applicable, represented to the station HSE Committee meetings.


The Health & Safety Management Policy will be reviewed to reflect the changes in legislation, Governmental policy and HSE Management Systems at GFRS. Performance of the HSE management systems at GFRS will be measured by internal inspections and audits undertaken on a continuous programme throughout the GFRS by the HSE committee.