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Ladder Training

Ladder Training is one of the main core competence requirements for all firefighters and is therefore practiced continuously. It is important that all firefighters have thorough knowledge on how to operate all ladders used by the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS), this includes the use of ladders in confined spaces and for the carrying out of rescues.

Currently the GFRS carry ladders on all the fire and rescue appliances. Two Water Tender appliances carry each a 13.5 metre (AS) three extension ladder and a short (Bayley) three extension ladder. Similarly Two Water Ladder appliances carry each a 10.5 metre (AS) two extension ladder and a short (Bayley) three extension ladder.

Practical Firecraft

When firefighters learn how to thoroughly use their equipment, the next step is to learn techniques on rescue and firefighting. In many cases firefighters needs to think outside the box and improvise with their equipment. This includes using a ladder to make a dam, a stretcher, etc.