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Fire Service Officers attend Compartment Fire Behaviour Course

By 9 Dec 2019May 4th, 2021News


Fire Service Officers attend Compartment Fire Behaviour Course

9 Dec 2019

A number of officers from Gibraltar Fire & Rescue (GFRS) and Airport Fire & Rescue (AFRS) have recently completed a two week course to become instructors in International Fire Behaviour Training (OSFBTI) at the Fire Service College (FSC) in Moreton-in-the-Marsh. Station Officer George Burns (GFRS), Sub Officer Jared Olivero (GFRS), Leading Firefighter Martin Posso (GFRS), Leading Firefighter Tennessee Fortunato (AFRS) and Leading Firefighter Tyrone Avellano (AFRS) successfully completed the OSFBTI course. The International Fire Behaviour Instructor course enables learners to design and deliver theoretical and practical training in the science of combustion and limits of flammability, flashover and backdraught, competently and safely. The course employs a blended learning approach to enable trainers to develop their skills to deliver fire behaviour training and assess the sessions against measurable objective criteria. It is designed to equip those aspiring to, or selected for, the role of a Fire Behaviour Trainer within their organisation, with the technical and practical skill sets required to develop a structured approach to planning and delivering a wide variety of fire behaviour training. This course also provides a solid foundation for the leadership skills and management behaviours required to train at Watch and Station Level and will progressively challenge learners to apply these skills in a range of situations. The joint attendance by Gibraltar’s Fire Services shows the mutual commitment by both these organisations to promote interoperability and continue with the good working relationships to ensure a safer Gibraltar.